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Jane Lee
Amazing fresh citrus scent!

I absolutely LOVE this scent!! I opened the bottle for the first time and took and whiff and was SOO happy I bought this scent! I'll definitely be adding it to my lines for markets because it is so fresh and clean with an amazing citrus smell that's so unique and tart!

Holly L
The Unique Citrus You've Been Looking For

Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit that is found mainly in East Asia so it's a pretty unique fruit if you've never seen, smelled or tasted it before. It smells like a cross between lemon and grapefruit but with a little bit of something extra, so if you're looking for something different from all the other citrus fragrances out there, then this is it. There's a sharpness to the citrus in this oil, but it is mellowed out by the vanilla and amber. I'm definitely going to be using this one as one of my main fragrances (custom blended to make it even more unique!) when I launch my line of candles and home fragrances. Big thanks to Porter Candle Supply for introducing their Heritage collection, as asian-based scents aren't quite the norm in the candle world, but I'm really hoping people quickly realize what they've been missing this whole time! Looking forward to all the other scents that will be part of this collection.


The absolute perfect citrus. I’ve struggled to find a true citrus that doesn’t have a chemical smell to it and PCS knocked this out of the park!!!