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It really lives up to its name!

This fragrance is amazing. It reminds me of sitting on the beach but also has a luxury side to it that you would smell in the lobby of a 5 star resort.
HT is wonderful too! Love it!


I absolutely 💯% adore this one. Takes me back to the 80's laying on the beach with friends and the old Hawaiin tropic suntan lotion sun and sand with the nice breeze of the water. Ah the Memories. Lol

light and refreshing - great in CP soap

This is probably one of the lighter FOs I've tested from Porter. In a candle, it's subtle which I like, but people who like a very strong candle will probably want to make it at a higher percentage (I do 8% pretty much across the board in candles for reference). I also used this FO in CP soap. It's a low IFRA, so I made it at 4% which resulted in a lightly scented soap, but still fresh and lovely! It behaved incredibly well - it will stay fluid enough for drop swirls and other more detailed designs. It did discolor, though - the cream portion of my soap darkened to a tan - easy to deal with if you know ahead of time!

Take me to the Beach!

This scent is wonderful and makes me feel like I'm at a sandy beach, Love it! It's a medium scent in candles and it's one of my favs.

Lisa T.
Strong and Island Vibes

This scent has a really nice throw HT (and CT) in coconut soy EC36, although the name says beach front, it is not beachy in the sense of a balmy sea salt but reminded me more of what a lobby at a nice resort in the Bahamas would smell like. The coconut water note comes through the most as well as the tonka bean I'd say. Great summer scent of course or for anyone who wants an island vibe year round!