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Smells so good in soap!

I made cold-process soap with this recently and I really love the scent. The deep earthiness blends beautifully with soft hints of bittersweet apple, zesty citrus and spice. I swiped a small hand soap bar for myself and I must admit that I've washed my hands way too unnecessarily in the past few days just so my hands keep smelling like it. Soap Notes: It soaped well. It did crack on the top of the loaf during the saponification in the first 24 hours. I left it uncovered, but I did include goat milk, so maybe that caused it. I don't mind the crack and plan to fill it with some black colored melt and pour.

Black Apple Magic

I must start by saying I haven’t yet had a chance to place this beauty in wax but let me tell you this is the most intoxicating apple scent that is a must for any fall line!


I’m not sure if I like this. It’s a bit spicy to me, but I also strongly dislike any spiciness in my fragrances, for the most part. It has potential

Madia R.
Mysterious Black Apple?

This fragrance oil is a must-try! OOB this fragrance is way more spiced forward than apple. So if you're looking for a straight apple scent this isn't it. All of the scent notes describe it very well. You can smell the mysteriousness of black apple, clove bud, and cassia bark. But, I'm absolutely hooked on this unique and enchanting scent! Definitely great for the spooky fall season!

Evan B.
Was Beyond excited…. And then disappointed

So, I ordered Black apple the day that it came out, loved it OOB, got it in wax the same day, let it cure, and then the cold throw was barely noticeable and the hot throw was nonexistent. I use coconut apricot wax, and number 3 wax and neither gave me a hot throw. Yes, I know how to use both waxes and have NEVER had this issue before. I was hoping to use this fragrance as a Poison Apple fragrance for fall, mind you I blend my own poison apple fragrance, but Black Apple blew me out of the water when I smelled it OOB I wanted to replace my blend. I’m sad and disappointed that this didn’t live up to my expectations.