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Cory Bendixen
French Press

Scent was amazing during mixing, true strong coffee smell, cannot wait to burn in another week!


After trying many many many "coffee" scents I FINALLY found it! This actually smells like a fresh cup of coffee. I love it so much!! I can't recommend it enough. CT and HT are phenomenal! You can just walk into the room and smell this not even lit! Very strong but I like it that way! Probably my top 3 scents of any!!

Yaneli Martinez
Starbucks at home!

I love this FO used it with 464 soy wax at 10% and HT was amazing after 4 days i tested and my whole house smelled like when you walk into statbucks. My mom walked in and asked for coffee sadly i didnt have any jaja

Charissa H.
Coffee Shop Vibes

This is the most true to coffee fragrance I have ever used. It doesn’t have that bakery/too sweet smell. Just delicious, fresh brewed coffee with a slight creaminess attributed to the coconut cream. My customers LOVE this one!

In loveee with this scent

I’m not a fan a fresh brewed coffee, it’s too much for me but this one has the sweet yummy scents yet it still has that true coffee smell. I’m a salted caramel iced coffee gal and I think that’s why I’m loving this scent so much! At first the name French Press deterred me from purchasing it because to me that suggests a strong dark coffee. It’s so much more! Just get it and don’t waste the sample, at least purchase the 16oz bottle!