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Elise B.
Spa Scent

I was wanting to try this fragrance for a while but it was always sold out! (Should be a clue) It is relaxing and refreshing. I do work in the beauty industry and my massage therapist neighbor is in love and wants some for her room. My first candle seemed to be a bit heavier on the mint than the eucalyptus but after curing for about 2 weeks, it settled nicely and they both balance each other beautifully.

Such a relaxing scent

I just love this scent! So relaxing. I look forward to making all the things with it

Chastity w.
Like B&BW stress relief

It’s nice and clean I do wish it had more mint in it but it’s a beautiful scent and very classy. I wanted it to smell like a true day spa get away and it’s pretty close. Don’t over load on this oil or it will gravitate more towards cleaning product scent but just the right amount 9% load in my coco apricot wax leaves it smelling balanced and very desirable for those Eucalyptus mint lovers. It resembles bath and body works stress relief line. So if you love that you will love this very much. Smells 1000 times better than any other version FO with this scent that I’ve found any where else .

lymarie j.

This fragrance is so refreshing and bright! I absolutely love it!

Fantastic scent

Oh I love this fragrance so much!!! It's clean and was exactly what I was looking to use to make a proprietary scent for my signature fragrance! It’s my best seller and I love it!