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malinda J.
Love it

This fragrance oil is so pleasant.

absolutely authentically citrus

I got this fragrance to test in soap and sat on it for awhile...why did I wait so long?! This is SUCH an authentic citrusy fragrance - so many citrus FOs out there smell synthetic but this smells like the real deal. Now, let's talk about using this in CP soap. You gotta do it. It behaved SO well for me - no ricing, no acceleration, nothing but a dream. It stayed fluid for so long, I was able to do really intricate swirling. After a six-week cure, there's no discoloration (at least not with the orange and yellow micas I used) and scent retention is top notch. GET THIS ONE.

Golden Yuzu

The citrus smell is amazing and refreshing!

Melissa B.
Perfect kitchen smell

The lemon has a perfect sweetness to it that is great for the kitchen

Salina S.
A place to call home

First ever experience with PCS and I gotta say I'm so mad at myself for holding out this long. Like I don't even know the reason was. PCS will have me as a family member for life especially because of the most encouraging words that were needed at the perfect time. Now let's talk about Golden Yuzu. I have smelled many oils that are good but have this sweetness to it that doesn't hold true to an actual lemon scent. Golden Yuzu is the polar opposite. You get a TRUE citrus scent that has that sour and (good) bitter touch that you want for lemon. I love this even more because you can tell this was heritage inspired. I'm just mad I didn't order 5lbs of this haha!