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This one is amazing! A perfect spring and summer scent! Fruity and tropical! Love this for candles! It also blended really well with my room spray base! Actually, all of their oils do!


One of my fav PCS oils! Fruity, tropical, and delicious. I use it in a coco83/SP487 blend with 9% FO. HT needs at leeeast a week cure, if not more, but the CT is out of this world.

Paula H.
Interesting Fragrance

Made it into a candle and the cold throw is wonderful, I haven't lit it yet but that's on my list for this week. Was looking for a "desert" fragrance having grown up around pitaya and prickly pear cactus, so I am looking forward to the candle.

great summer scent

*review originally submitted on the fragrance oil community facebook group*

🕯Fragrance Oil Performance Review🧼
Fragrance Oil used in: double wicked candle
Fragrance name: pitaya fruit
Supplier name: porter candle supply
Hot throw (1-10): 8
Cold throw (1-10): 9
Fragrance appeal (1-10): 8
% of fragrance used: 12%
Wax type: 454
Cure time: couple days
Approx room size (Feet x Feet): open concept
Shipping time to receive: next day
Written review:
Absolutely loving this one for a cloudy summer morning. I tested this one in wax melts earlier this week and much prefer it in candle form. I don’t even have a full wax pool and this thing is filling my open concept a solid 8 which is no small feat. I also have a wax melt going in my living room and it’s overpowering it. so, if you’re looking for a strong summer fragrance you can’t go wrong with this one. this is a unique tropical fruit scent. it is summer appropriate. I would say it’s about 90% fruit and 10% fresh fragrance. there’s just a pinch of something that takes this to the home fragrance category. sort of how bath and body works scents always manage to be what they are but never ignoring the fact that it’s meant to fragrance your home. I also know i’ve smelled something similar to this in a yankee candle years ago, but it escapes me at the moment. this has quite a few scent notes and they are all blended to perfection. you can’t say this just smells like pineapple with mango or something, it’s its own thing. it’s not too citrusy sharp and it’s got a nice “juiciness” to it.