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great in candles and soap :)

I've had this FO for a long time and finally feel like I can write a review! I first used this in a candle - made with soy 10 at 8% and the HT is awesome. A nice, clean, fresh, unique scent. I also tested it in soap at only 2.1% since the IFRA is 2.19%. I had very low expectations about there being ANY scent retention but I was wrong! Not only did it behave really well, it also retained a nice, light scent at a 6-week cure and didn't discolor. Who would've thunk it. All around, great fragrance.

Diane Y.
Love this one

This is one of those “don’t go by oob smell” FOs because oob, it’s so light and the rosemary is barely recognizable. Put this beautiful potion in wax and it completely transforms into a fresh, calming, and simply beautiful fragrance. I really like this one.

margil g.
The perfect team

I love walking into the showroom to pick up my candle supplies!!! I am always greeted with a smile by everyone! Johana and Amber are full of knowledge that they love to share. I will not be where I am at had it not been for finding these two amazing women! The staff is friendly and fast! Always working, always on time. The best of the best.

Jacki C.

The Verbena Rosemary fragrance is a clean, well balanced scent. Smells beautiful!

Nickolas S.

This is such an amazing scent! The mix between citrus and herb is so pleasant. It also has a strong hot throw at 10% fragrance load in soy wax!